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22 Responses to “♦ Trailer-Teaser {@WATCH IT@}”

  1. भाई बहुत अच्छा.

  2. शूक्रिया भाईजान…!
    साथ रहिये….

  3. […] You can watch a trailer of the film here […]

  4. Great Efoort Indeed Nitin. I’m surely impresed by this short trailor; looking forward keenly to watch the entire documentary very soon.

    I’ve forwarded the news about your effor to all my network. Do let me know if you need any help in future ?


  5. Carry on man.. This is good attempt.



  6. excellent work…..my five years in Du have been spent in wondering about the dynamics of DU elections…wht makes it wht it is, how different it is from intellectual politics…and wht traits of mass politics it displays….great effort indeed and even the trailor maanges to arouse the fervour tht being a part of DU elections always does….keep it up…looking forward to watching the whole documentary…do let me knw if a copy wud be available online! cheerios

  7. dear devahuti,
    Thanks for all your comments and support.
    the ‘feel’ you mentioned was our main concern
    during the production.
    reading your comment is very energizing for our team.


  8. hello Nitin!

    Indeed a Bold Effort. would really want to watch the whole movie. we have seen and heard politics at National Level but i am eager to watch politics at grass root level among educated (supposedly)people!

    All the Best!

  9. sir………its great………carry on sir . i m sure this will impress every one.

  10. GREAT WORK, it was fantastic, a complete experience. CONGRATULATIONS.

  11. Yaar i have interest in politics , but student politics in DU i have heard a lot but never experienced it, looking forward to see it , well i hope it presents the correct picture of it not like the usual one , continue on doing your sincere effort god will help u bye take care

  12. I knew that you were involved in the whole election/student organization etc but you would go this far is a big achievement. Highly impressed by the short clip. I always wondered why so much money, people etc are involved in student organization election…hope your film would uncover all that….. and also stop them from creating so much filth through pamphlets
    Pamnani …I truly appreciate what you have done….Best of luck

  13. good work nitin. carry on. i will call you for screening for this film in jharkhand and bihar.

  14. Dear Nitin
    its really wonderful to see that youth film makers are trying to reveal the exact senario of the DU election and politics. this is however, very sad that people from Bihar do not get much oppertunities to know about such things. i would love to watch the movie. if the cds are in sale then i will pay but please make me available a copy of the documentary.

    farohhe (azmi)
    please reply me soon

  15. Hi,
    I’m a journalist from Canada and I would very much want to see this movie; could I join the viewing at Lady Shri Ram College on the 6th? If so, can you give me the exact address?
    Thanks, Andhra
    99 10 11 72 46

  16. Hi,

    Congratulations,if you would like to do a film on my early life, contact me.

    God Bless,

    Best regards,


  17. ab kya kahu.kuch shorts jada lag rahe the.matlab film thodi aur short aur tight ho sakti hai.

  18. I am presently studying at NIT jalandhar
    Man i watched your movie yesterday on our
    annual technofestival ..it was shown by some guy from delhi film archive …hats off 2 u …since i have watched that movie i m feeling my inner guilty conscience ,as a youngster i m feeling ashamed of my self, infact all of my friends have same feelings
    …carry on man!!
    ..we want a copy of black pamphlets plz help us …

  19. Hi,

    I t saw the documentary at N.I.T jalandhar.
    I was just surprised to c Students elections where only winning matterd the most.

  20. hi nitan….
    carry on man…CONGRATULATIONS,,,,
    hope to c u soon

    m kaleem

  21. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  22. Its really inspiring to see your body of work. Carry on dude… The very best wishes from my side.

    PS: It’d be great to be present for one of the screenings… Hope there is one in Hyd soon.

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