CNN-IBN :Film dares to expose truth behind DUSU elections


IBNLive : Film dares to expose truth behind DUSU elections


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Jemima Rohekar
New Delhi: Come September and Delhi University will get into election
mode with the Students’ Union Elections. But is campus politics truly
democratic or is it the monopoly of a few affiliated to bigger political
A film made by the students will say it all.

Slogans, drums and more slogans, Come September, the Delhi
University will wear a festive look as it conducts its annual students’ union
elections. But don’t be deceived by all this fanfare.
That’s the message a bunch of youngsters have got for you. Democracy
on campus is now bereft of idealism. It’s all about glamour, muscle power
and moolah.
Black Pamphlets is their film version of all that is wrong with student
“No one pays attention to students’ issues and the few groups that raise such issues are still struggling,” says Nitin K the
Filmmaker of Black Pamphlets.
Made over two-years by an entirely raw crew the film is a result of Nitin’s own brief brush with politics in 2002. It’s a
bare-all film but major student organisations don’t seem too worried about any possible impact.
“We are ready to answer all allegations made against us. Let the students decide who is right,” said Nadeem Javed
National President, NSUI.
So is this film meant to scare youngsters from taking active part in student politics? No, say the filmmakers. In fact, it’s
meant to encourage them to go out there and bring about change.


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