♣ Lady Shri Ram College Reactions [6th Sep’07]

[Screening EIGHT]

(We Asked for a feedback, and distributed feedback forms.here are few Pics and Comments.)


very sensitively made, I should say with limited means, it involved a very good usage of background scores though it seemed drab in a few scenes. I think the foundation has been laid, and the best way to take it forward, is to carry on the trend forward and bring other shocking realities to the front and actually make counter documentary to contest the same.  (Benazir Khan)


I am sorry I did not see the whole film but what I saw was very thought – provoking, and enlightening. Excellent effort !  (Vertika)

lsr 2

 The film is definitely an eye opener. It presents the true picture but it does not leave one with hope. However, it is a very good effort to bring out the reality. (UNKNOWN)

It is a very disturbing movie … Just leaves one completely disillusioned….. reality is portrayed we need more of such films…. we can atleast hope that there movies might be able to change as at least awaken us.  Frankly, i am not in a position to say that i have hope…  but the effort and mesage of this documentary is welcomed…. show it to as many people as you can….. we need to know. (Sapna)


Well made, slick, hard hitting. it does not disillusion you, yet it provokes thought in the audiences mind. Drill sense into them, ask them to stop wasting time, money, energy. Clean the DU election commission implements the regulatory laws, involve more woman, and chuck out national party affiliations. Screen the film in the colleges and bodies involved. (Sohini Lahiri)

lsr 5

It is a very good concept. specially for us, who are not affiliated with the entire process, it was quite knowledgable and we got to know how the entire system of DUSU works. This idea about making documentaries on DUSU elections should be screened in such a way so that more and more colleges urge to get affiliated to it and it can also provide for awareness for the whole system.  (Aanchal Gupta)




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