♣ MCRC Jamia Reactions [3rd Sep’07]

[Screening NINE]

(We Asked for a feedback, and distributed feedback forms.here are few Pics and Comments.)

It is a very well edited versions of the students politics which has managed to encapsulate the views from every possible side. Bytes from the teaching staff though, was missing. Screening should be held in colleges and festivals and if not the whole movie, tralor would make desired effect. (Imran Anwar)

good job technically sound. Make part 2 black pamphlets of what makes up for the entire year – especially the winning candidates. (Ajeet)

Excellent work well done proud of you as filmmakers as observers as thinking human beings you have done an excellent job. There are many things which have led to the circumstances that you have shown in your film. I feel its important to dig deep into those issues a little more and not just slightly brush upon it. (Shakira)

It is always fun to watch or know the politics of the film, based on the politics itself. Over all it is a good attempt, but would have been shorter.  (Himanshu Dhanda)

Rather than commenting, I would like to compliment the attempt, the film was authentic to the core. Definitly it will bring an awakening among students and give a eagle eyes view of the entire scenario.  (mahvish Rahman)

Good research effective narration probably developing the issues of money, drinks, woman- involved to lure votes could have ripened the film completely.  (Tushar)

Nice film a very good effort within 15vdays. I like it very much you have explained the entire issue in a simple manner. But something is missing in the film , bring it out part. I think you have hidden some part of the film, try to bring those part because that part is also important and I guess that can change the entire movie, and can move your idea ahead.  (Unknown)

Quite a detailed production, interesting, an eye opener, good topic to make a documentary, with extensive research.  (Naheda Shaikh)

An eye opener !! Not heavy in terms of issues but the film bring out the underliving complexities of students politics.  (Naina Gupta)

The best film to start as a film maker. Congrats. The best part was choosing the “AAM ADMI” as your protagonist (The newspaper vendor and the absurd man)  (Nikhil)

Good attempt . background music work could have been better, camera work too could have been better, the film seems a bit stretched towards the second half.  (Geetika Lohani)




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