♣ Ramjas College Reactions [23rd Aug’07]

[Screening FOUR]

(We Asked for a feedback, and distributed feedback forms.here are few Pics and Comments.)


Lovely! potraying the reality of students politics. alternative was
missing though. there was an answer that why don’t people want to
exercise their franchise…

(Manil Mishra)

Awesome !! what i really liked was the critical insight focussed on… i mean all perspective…. uncensored.
(Sanjhi Agarwal)

well, film raises lots of questions but does not have a concrete answer to it which needs to be focussed.
(Somaditya Das)


As we never told before the movie started that it is not necessary to be in elections to be political. how does the film suggest any alternative in the political level. does it show that the DUSU election is nothing more than just use of power… is elections really bad?????
(Swati Mawandiya)
[H] maine is film mein yeh paya ki kis tarah power or money ka use kiya jata hai. ismein kis tarah CONGRESS, BJP (national party) ki ek planning hoti hai jitaaney mein. politics mein sirf vahi jeet sakta hai jiske paas money hai aur money ka use galat ho raha hai. Jiske paas zyaada paisa hai vah kis tarah students suopport mein lete hain.



excellent! to my mind it brought out almost all the issues that could have and do exist as far as DUSU elections are concerned.

(Anubhav Pradhan)

Great , truly emphatic in bringing out some issues . the process is screwed up and ostracized; it is where we have to change.
(Rishabh Jain)


Superb! and Marvellous ! unveiling the real politics. Be more realistic. don’t have prejudice about certain things..

(Sunil Kumar)

BLACK PAMPHLETS — a comendable depiction


(Sruthi Muraleedharan)

Its great, exceptional. the film really showed how the climate changes
at the time of elections .your idea is great but you should also try to reveal the hideen truth
of these process.

(Nikhil Kumar Gupta)



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