♣ Shri venkateshwara College Reactions [5th Sep’07]

[Screening SEVEN]

(We Asked for a feedback, and distributed feedback forms.here are few Pics and Comments.)

 A film  covering all the ground realities. Hats off to you and your crew! more circulation is needed.

(Vishal Ranjan)

venki 001

REAL. You touched almost all the sensitive strings. Keep going. Make it complete-show all elements. Should show the darker side more.  (Toge Rina)

The film was very true! The true life of the students and the problems faced by the colleges, students, teachers, students’ union and of course the citizens!  (Shikha)

venky 002

I think the film showed the ground realities very successfully and it’s a wonderful way of portraying the political intentions, the way these activities are carried out throughout the hustling.

(Shikha Singh)

Interesting, thought provoking but i failed to see the one coherent idea that runs through the movie. It is a real reflection of the elections, but it only disillusioned me further with the whole process. Take in people who really care, who are not political but who take being the citizens of our country more seriously and not take the whole rigmarole as an ego-clash.  (Anita)

venky 003

Excellent effort! The film’s merit is that it raises issues and questions but doesn’t preach. It makes one think! The movie’s multiple perspectives are very thought provoking..Justice done to each. Elections should be held-without a doubt! Changes will come when every single student votes with an awareness of rights and responsibilities. Students’ involvement at a larger level is the key. (Amrita Ajay)



Marvelous movie showed the true picture of DUSU elections and focus you to think upon what role you play in the process. Definitely   there is something wrong with the way elections are carried out. But we have to stand up against it. It is up to us to correct it; no one else will come to do it for us.  (Vallaw Sheel)



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