♣ SSN College reactions [14th AUG’07]

[Screening ONE]

(We Asked for a feedback, and distributed feedback forms.here are few Pics and Comments.)

C = Comments

S = suggestions

H =Hindi(in roman Script)

preparing for it

[C]Nicely made with all the details. very co-herent
in all sections, very relevant in present.

[S]Films of this kind should be distributed through
CD’s etc. with the help of university administration

(Shashi Maharana)

[C]It was interesting, but it must contain some more
special effects etc, so that it could attract more

[S]You can also make films on the ragging in the campus
even after passing FIR act.(Rahul Sharma)

ssn screening 02

[C]It was a blasting one, i found it nice enough to
remember it for a long period of time.

[S]you would work on particular colleges. I mean about
the political and power game. why don’tou try for
National politics, u have got the tail enough.(Neeraj Kaira)

[C]The film is memorable and effective which learn us
many things about the politics. I never forget this

[S]You can show these types of film time to time, more
widely and deeply and also more issues.(Sumit Bhardwaj)

[C]The film was marvellous as it made us realize the
reality of DUSU elections _______ their fake promises
are untolerable.(Unknown)

ssn screening 03

[C]Very good movie on students elections. its teach us
how can we learn manners in student life.

[S]Please show your movie in every college. please make
many more movies on students problem.(Kapil Azad)

[C]It’s a great film amd cleared the moto and theme. it
learn to don’t spoil envirement of our politics.

[S]please show your film every college and institute.(Rakesh Kumar)

ssn screening 04

[H][C]yeh picture hamein behad achchi lagi, is picture ne humein dikha diya
ki chunaav sirf paisey wale lad sakte hain. jo paisey va bahubal par
chunaav jeetney ki yogyta rakhte hon, unki hi pramukhta hai.
(Narapaati Tripathi)

[H][C]yeh picture humko bahut achchi lagi, is film ko dekhne se humein
chunaav aur rajneeti mein chhupa rahasya (paise or bahubal) ke bare
pata chalta hai, jo behad zaruri hai.

[S]humein director sahab aur Media walon se anurodh hai ki is rajneeti
mein gareebon ko bhi shamil hone ka haq diya jaye.(Pradeep Kumar Chaturvedi)

[H][S]1 humein lagta hai chunaavi rajneeti dheenga masti ka akhada ban
chuka hai.

2 vidhyarthi chunaav ladte hain saam, daam aur dand ko madhyanazar
rakhte huye, aur aona laabh chahte hain.

3 prashasan yani ke chunaavi prashasan mein sudhaar hona chahiye
shayad prashasan hi in sabke liye zimmedaar hai.

4 chhote sangathano ko police protection milna chahiye.


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