Few takes On The Film

take one

when i finally told my friends i wish to make a film,
they said
,”Are you OK comrade?!What’s got into you?!
You’ve done your Masters in Hindi Literature…
Try becoming a lecturer…and moreover,
our student organisation needs people like you”

Some practical sorts suggested the idea of moving to Mumbai..
I didn’t

take two

The subject of my film was something that had played itself
in front of me for five years.
Over and over again…Campus politics in Delhi University.
Even i had been a character in the play:i had contested
DUSU elections once and had lost…quite naturally.

take three

I used to own a scooter which i had brought from my hometown.
My cameraman friend refused to use this ”Dilapidated moving object ”
as a means of transport.I finally managed to persuade a college friend
into lending me his Motorcycle…
I left my scooter with him…

take four

The bike is a pulsar…i’m driving…
a heavy bag on my shoulders that has the camera tripod in it…
Pillion riding is my Cameraman,another
heavy bag with the camera in it…
The month of August..
Choc-a-Block traffic
.[Long shot]
Maddening heat..
Two faces sweating profusely…

take five

Meanwhile befriended two more people,Imran and Vijay.
Imran said he wouldn’t mind editing my film…
the only hitch-he didn’t know how editing is done.

Not a problem,i said,even i don’t know how a film is made.
Lets buy a book on editing,we’ll arrange a computer
from somewhere and try and put two and two together.

P.S.- Been working on the film for the last two years.
Now I wish to show it…

All the info regarding the film
(Synopsis,stills from the film, tralior, Screening dates etc) is there on this website of the film.
Welcome to the blog of Blackpamphlets..This is our first post..We will keep updating our posts regularly.

We would be glad to have your views,suggestions and advices on making this blog more interesting.

You are welcome to help us with our screenings and other such activities.


~ by blackpamphletsfilm on August 10, 2007.

3 Responses to “Few takes On The Film”

  1. Since u have believed in yourself, so must I believe in you and your work. Sincerely, its a promising beginning, that’s what I think.
    congrats to your entire team and keep it up

  2. thanks for being with us…

    keep bloging

  3. thankx for encouraging us


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