♣ Arts Faculty Reactions [20-21 AUG’07]

 [Screening TWO & THREE]

(We Asked for a feedback, and distributed feedback forms.here are few Pics and Comments.)af5

Very close to real happenings. Got touched inside, deep inside. yet
i seek a clear cut message from your side. What could else be said? you are on to your way. i am almost satisfied.

(Abhinay K Jha)

The endavour is commendable, i am sure we have loads of points to
ponder over.


The Documentary is awesome we are compelled to digest the reality
with a pinch of guilt.
(Sahil khan)

Thought provoking, intelligent and badly needed.



very aaccurate, upto the point and realistic.show the film in some regional theatres

(Anuarth Shukla)

Excellent, the film has portrayed the elections in its full swing.

(Ekatmata sharma)

Verygood, it shows the true nature of students politics.

Make more path breaking documentaries…

(Saurav Kumar)


One word “Excellent”, the movie projects the DUSU elections in a nice
manner. very importantly each and every aspects of students elections
comes in this movie.

idea of taking a students election is very good. in my opinion we can
give same feedback from the background so it will be easy for students
to grab it on deep way.


Film is quiet intresting but it do not tell us any solution, coz its
not easy to have any solution.

(Darpan Singh)


It was good. keep it up! i found it just factual, as if news repoters
presenting the facts. according to my opinion, you can work more on what the students thinks,
these electons would lead to, in future.


Thought provoking and a wing film.you have included jamia as a second perspective, there are several other
trends and issues , JNU, Patna University.
(Shashi Kumar Jha)

The film was fantastically managed by the anonymous director who himself
declared not be trained by any technicians. he deserves our respect and honour.

(Praveen Kumar)



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