♦ Synopsis

Black pamphlets

84 minutes

director: Nitin K.

In the times of global consumerism and rising youth population,
Black pamphlets
penetrates into the process of democracy practiced in India
through Students’ elections and exposes the rule of money and muscles in it.

The film tries to find out the temper of youth and the mindset of student community in the neo-liberal democracy of India towards the process of election.

Now that the elections have been banned in the most of the universities in India,
Delhi University,one of the largest universities in India, stands as an exception
and the film tries to know the reasons for it.

Black pamphletstakes viewer into the green and chirpy campus of Delhi University, where more than eighty thousand students directly elect their representatives for the students union.

The film also tries to initiate a parallel between real-life heroes of
Indian freedom struggle who rose from their student-days, and the present
generation of youth.

It also questions whether those real-life heroes of the past hold any significance
in the present day or if they have become just fictional characters? The film questions

if there is any space left for alternative ideas?

Black pamphlets follows the pace of the twelve-day election campaign,
and meets characters in the journey and builds its narrative through them.


4 Responses to “♦ Synopsis”

  1. […] the info regarding the film (Synopsis,stills from the film,tralior,Screening dates etc) is there on this website of the film. Welcome to […]

  2. who is the director of dis documentary???????

  3. thanks ruchira for your comments.

    the credit list is there as a different page. please look into it.

    there is also a brief filmography of the director.
    as a seperate page…

    also watch the trailer of the film…

    enjoy the film at screenings…


  4. Hi Nitin,

    Pls get in touch with your contact number. We want to do a story on your film asap, may be for tomorrow’s edition..

    pallavi singh
    the indian express.

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