♣ RLA College Reactions [24th AUG’07]

rla3[Screening ONE]

(We Asked for a feedback, and distributed feedback forms.here are few Pics and Comments.)

RLA 01

It was a nice movie which depicts the reality that what actually happening
in the system. i just want to say that u have done great job.

(Neha Vaid)

it shows the reality of DUSU election and encourage us to change the system. Film need some improvement like , it is very short, extend the time of film.
(Ibrar Ansari)

it is fully based on reality and truth. i think this theme is new for everyone and for us (DU Students). I think it is good, but you can do better.
It’s Rang de basanti part II
(Vinay Tripathi)


It is a good film but you are showing NSUI party more than others. You balance between students organizations.
(Vinay Kumar Jha)

Excellent work and a eyeopener for all the Students of DU. Screen it every colleges and if politicians protest …you do not worry we are with you.


What can i say simply i am speechless or spellbound.

Film was really nice. despite of being a documentary film, it was not at all boring.
(Prerak Kumar)


It was amzing and flowless film. considering the resources and time available to you, it was awesome. I wish the producing team a best of luck..

In one word i must say it was excellent. keep awareing students by taking such initiatives.
(Divik Divesh)



One Response to “♣ RLA College Reactions [24th AUG’07]”

  1. hi nitin
    mujhe yah film ek raste ki tarah lagi jo chhatra rajniti main badlav ki or lekar jata hai. yah film sachche maayno main ek behtar vaikalpik cinema ka udaaharan hai. shubhkamnayen.

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